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Statens personadressregister, SPAR, (“the Swedish state personal address register”), includes all persons who are registered as resident in Sweden. The data in SPAR is updated each day with data from the Swedish Population Register.

SPAR is specifically regulated in Swedish Law by the Act of (1998:527) statens personadressregister and by the Regulation (1998:1234) of statens personadressregister and the Swedish Tax Agency Regulation on handing out data from SPAR (SKVFS 2011:06).

The aim of SPAR is clear from the purposes set out in article 3 of the Act. It states that personal data in SPAR may be processed to:

  • update, supplement and verify personal information or
  • select names and addresses for direct marketing, public service announcements or other comparable activities.

Processing data in this respect is the same as handing out the data electronically. Data in SPAR are, after decision by the Swedish Tax Agency, electronically handed out at cost price.

According to Swedish fundamental law on freedom of the press (SFS 1949:105), data submitted to a Swedish authority is as a general rule public. This is one outcome of our principle of disclosure and is a tool for the public to scrutinize the work of authorities and public officials. When Internet sites publish your personal data on the Internet, they are protected - as a general rule - by the fundamental law on freedom of expression (SFS1991:1469). The GDPR and other law providing protection of personal data is then not applicable, if in conflict with the fundamental laws on freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

For more information about SPAR, please contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Skatteverket SPAR
SE-205 30 Malmö  

Phone: +46 10 574 21 88 (Monday-Friday 8.00 am – 4.00 pm. GMT + 1 hours)

To apply for Data from SPAR Notification please use the link to application form found below.